New Yoga Collection at Sudara


sudara2Sudara, Inc. has partnered with a Nepal-based social enterprise to launch a luxurious collection of yoga apparel. Sudara was founded with a goal to create sustainable change through job skills training and long-term careers for women and girls, and their new partner shares the same mission to empower those most marginalized by society, according to Sudara Founder Shannon Keith.

The yoga collection represents the direction that Sudara is headed in the future, creating beautiful and ethically-made line extensions that continue to bolster and support the mission of the organization: to advocate on behalf of and empower women who have escaped from, or at the highest risk of, human trafficking by providing dignified employment opportunities.

sudaraEvery piece of the new yoga collection is ethically made and empowers women in India and Nepal to create a life of their own choosing. Of the inspiration behind the collection, Designer Tessie Blake said, “First and foremost, I was inspired by everything that Sudara stands for: freedom, beauty and comfort. I want someone to feel confident and comfortable when they wear our clothes and for the design to be feminine as well as modest.”

Sudara is a thriving benefit corporation and lifestyle brand with a mission that is rooted in job development for women in India who are at the highest risk or survivors of sex trafficking. More than a give-back model, Sudara enables women to have choices for themselves and for their families. Purchases of Sudara goods and clothing support training and jobs for the women who make the products and fund investments in a nonprofit arm of Sudara that provides for those same women across their entire ecosystem and supports sustainable pathways to freedom.

Sudara’s signature product — Punjammies — is a collection of loungewear that features prints inspired by, and named after, a woman who makes the product as part of Sudara’s job development programs.

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