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Im One Creations

by Magdalena Bokowa

Simone Kujak is a big believer in cultivating the best version of ourselves. From honing the deeply spiritual self to making ethical choices, she hopes that her Im One Creations help with the outwardly expression of the best possible you. That’s why most of her designs are made with ethically sourced, U.S. grown, organic cotton — something that is not always an easy feat.

“When I was going to school for costume design, I quickly realized how much everything we wore said something of who we were. Clothing, as much as we maybe don’t want to admit it, expresses our inner self to the outside world. It shows a bit of you, a part of your story. I love facilitating that expression.”

The cotton industry in the United States is hundreds of years old, but it was surprising when Kujak mentions how hard it is to find ethically sourced, organic cotton that is grown in the United States.Product 2 Product 3

“Going organic was a very important step for me. Not only to ensure the quality of the fabric, but also to do my part in moving into a more conscience world.” She notes that she can be limited in the array of colors available with certainly no rainbow spectrum at her disposal.

“My fabric is grown and processed with low impact dyes in the USA, and it’s something that I’m so passionate about that I make do with the lack of color. It even helps me be more imaginative since I design and construct everything myself, and take much joy in sharing what makes me happy.”

Her unique cotton wear is strong following due to the unique cinches, ruffles and strong lines that are seen throughout her designs. They hug curves, accentuate lines and can be both sensual and practical. Her clothes are fashionable and comfortable, something that usually don’t go hand in hand.

“I started to make clothing that made me feel creative, comfortable, expressive and fun! After making my clothing for my friends for a few years I decided to expand to the rest of the community to share my creations. Along with the staple pieces that have become a daily costume for me, I love to create other fun items such as flower and feather hairpieces, leather belts and jewelry, corsets and other custom costume items.”

Product 1Kujak is known for her fun bespoke creations, and that is really where she excels, in meeting with a client, figuring out their needs and creating something totally unique and fitted for them.
“With great love and good intention, my earth-friendly garments are created to make you feel heavenly adorned, incredibly comfortable and one with nature and yourself. However, it is a deep conscience choice to create something that is as local, fair trade and environmentally friendly as possible, and that is a promise that I intend to keep with my future creations.”

Kujak has been making pieces with Pendleton Woolen Mills scraps that she lovingly reuses into hoodies, purses and cuffs that feature her organic cotton. Yet she is always constantly expanding her repertoire and points to a head piece she made of feathers that were locally collected. She is a living embodiment of someone that is consciously thinking of how to reuse to create new.

This is exemplified in how she spent several months one year saving dog food bags to construct an evening gown for the Rubbish Renewal Fashion Show. “It was a challenge,” she laughs, “but I loved every minute of it.”

Simone Kujak’s creations can be found locally at Cosa Cura or online at www.etsy.com/shop/ImOneCreations

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