Citrine Bling’s Allison Cogen

citrine bling

(Photography provided by Allison Cogen)

Allison Cogen, owner and founder of Citrine Bling, brings sparkle to the world by creating stunning stone jewelry that is simple, elegant and can be worn as everyday jewelry.

“The style of Citrine Bling is constantly evolving, but I try to keep it simple with an eye-catching element,” Cogen said.

For example, when designing a pair of earrings she may only include one stone but it will have a brilliant color or an interesting crystal peeking out. Her jewelry is subtle but with an element of intrigue.

“My intention is that the pieces could be dressed up or down and worn with anything. I strive for simple and subtle, but able to layer and be paired with a variety of looks. Everything I make is something that I would wear myself,” Cogen said.

Some of Cogen’s jewelry include larger, more extravagantly sparkly pieces such as geodes. Even though they are a statement piece there is a simple uniqueness in the design.

“Who doesn’t need a little sparkle every now and then?” Cogen said. “I mostly work with natural stones and wire in my jewelry. I love how each piece is unique because each stone is unique. Even if I replicate a piece no two are identical when working with stones because there can be so much variation to them!”

Before she was making and selling jewelry for Citrine Bling, Cogen was a middle school teacher and vice principal. When she and her husband moved the family to Bend she began spending more time at home with their two young children.

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“I’d been creating jewelry in my free time for forever but never felt like I had the time to devote to making it more than a hobby. Being home with my kids gave me the opportunity to start working towards turning my hobby into a small business,” Cogen said.

The Cogens own Postal Connections, a pack and ship store in Bend, and that is where she began testing the market to see if her jewelry would sell. It was a big first step for her to share her creations with a wider audience.

“I love it but putting your personal creations out there was hard for me! The response I got was wonderful and encouraged me to approach a couple of other places in Central Oregon,” Cogen said. “I would love to stock more stores in Central Oregon and at some point beyond. I really enjoy supporting my local community.”

In 2017 Cogen plans to get an official Citrine Bling website up and running. Until then all of her creations are posted to Facebook as well as Instagram @citrinebling.

“My inspiration comes from the desire to make beautiful jewelry that is accessible to everyone. Jewelry makes people happy. And to me it feels good to help someone feel good. I just love making it,” Cogen said.

Citrine Bling is currently available in Bend at Postal Connections South (61149 S. Highway 97) and at Cosa Cura downtown (910 NW Harriman St.). Her jewelry is at Ka Nui Salon in Redmond (249 NW Sixth St. #2).


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