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(Photography by Ryder Redfield – On Location at High Desert Museum)

Joanne Sunnarborg owner/creator of desperado boutique with shoes & more says, “This Spring is all about Girl Power!  It’s woman defining who they are and showing it off with what they wear.  We’re going to see feminine silhouettes coupled with ball caps and white sneakers.  T-shirts that make a statement,  fun stripes in every size and shape, comfortable Athleisure-wear we can move in with lots of oversized pockets and details like drawstrings and toggles.

“This season shows off some great attitude with everything from big earrings and handbags to long pendant necklaces worn alone or with chokers .”

And when it comes to shoes — again Sunnarborg says, “Women will be wearing lots of easy slide on mules, sandals and sneakers.  I think the Spring look says it’s our time to shine!”

model - taraTara McLay-Kidd is a professional golfer. Husband is golf designer David McLay-Kidd. Family includes Step-daughter Ailsa (12).

Tara says, “I think I’m a pretty laid back positive person, I like to see the magic in life and try to let my inner child free at every opportunity. I am passionate about my family, my marriage, about helping the people I love feel connected and peaceful. I am passionate about health and training and good nutrition. I am also passionate about fun, it’s so easy to forget how privileged we are living here in Bend, we are literally surrounded by nature’s playground. I love to be creative, singing, writing, drawing, making things.

Tara’s favorite go to clothes are shirt and skinny jeans or variation of, with an awesome hat. In Bend she shops at Desperado Boutique, Vanilla, definitely not adverse to picking up a pre loved treasure at Goodwill to throw into the mix. She loves training gear so Lululemon has been a fun addition recently. “I’m more about the feel of clothes, good quality soft fabric, so don’t shop online too often, I do however love Goorin Bros hat shop online.

What her happiest? Love, above anything else in all its forms. Being in nature, adventures with my husband, family and friends, feeling connected, singing, energy work/healing, playing good golf.

On Fashion? Not sure about best or worst, I feel free to express myself through clothing in whatever way I feel like day to day, I never feel judged living in Bend which is cool. The funniest fashion thing is what my husband told me when I first moved here, I asked what clothes I need to bring with me and he said, “Just jeans, ‘that’s all people wear here, you will have about six pairs soon enough, smart pair, comfy pair, casual pair, scruffy pair, work pair etc.” ‘That’s what being in Oregon is about, now nearly four years in I tend to agree.

Hig Desert Museum

Spirit of the West

For many of the Museum’s regular visitors, this is the must-see exhibit… an unforgettable walk through time that brings the Spirit of the West alive for the entire family.

The Hi Loy Mercantile is modeled after a 1880s Chinese-owned business that typically sold Chinese goods, hand tools for mining, food stuffs, etc. The store also advertises itself as a labor contractor.

Your journey starts with a stroll past a Northern Paiute  shelter and a French trapper’s camp where all the historic details are depicted in incredible detail.  Continue through the Hudson’s Bay Company fort, alongside an Oregon Trail wagon, through a hard rock mine, past a settler’s cabin and into the boomtown of Silver City.

Guided Tours at 12:30 pm daily:  Get an entertaining and in-depth tour with one of the Museum’s interpreters. Tours are approximately 30 minutes.

Miller Family Ranch

The history of local homesteaders becomes a vivid reality when you meet the characters on the Miller Ranch.

The year is 1904.  Mrs. Miller, with the help of ranch hand William Thomas,  maintains the cabin, barn, corral, bunkhouse, root cellar and sawmill while Mr. Miller tends cattle on the open range. Nearby, Bend’s population is booming….  Stockmen, buckaroos, sheep herders, timber cruisers, miners and gamblers have descended on the boomtown. You might even meet one.

Timber industry tycoon Alexander Drake is spearheading the area’s development. The Millers recently joined other homesteaders to buy a used sawmill from the U.S. Army. Now they can mill timber for barns, sheds, bunkhouses and other projects instead of buying lumber from distant mills.

Stop by and see what life was like for local homesteaders more than a hundred years ago. Your kids will actually love doing chores around the ranch such as digging in the garden, washing the laundry, or cross-cutting firewood. And when they’re finished they can enjoy frontier life by playing one of several vintage games. (Activities vary seasonally). On the weekends during the winter months, stop by and warm up by the stove while listening to tales of homestead life.

Miller Family Ranch Heirloom Chickens

Different animal breeds are developed for different purposes. The Millers’ Faverolles chickens are a heritage breed well-suited to cold, wet, and low-light climates. In 1904, Faverolles won numerous recommendations at the St. Louis World’s Fair and were advertised in national magazines. The breed’s distinctive feathered feet, beards and fluffy plumage ensure that they are rarely cold and continue to lay in the winter.

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