Faveur Focuses on Spring Trends


(Photography by Ryder Redfield – on location at Franklin Crossing)

Jen Steigman, owner and founder of Faveur says this spring they are focusing on cute layers and accessories to stay on trend with spring looks that can transition well while staying  relevant on our cold snowy spring weather. Pieces that can be worn layered and cozied up, but also work by themselves in warmer weather.

Billye Turner, art consultant who organizes exhibitions for Franklin Crossing, presents New Year, New Art featuring Bend artists JM Brodrick, MaryLea Harris and Kelly Thiel was the local artists first feature of art at Franklin Crossing.

Artist JM Brodrick notes, I am a painter working towards merging my need for realism with the beauty of pure abstract. The artist’s paintings range from the beauty of old growth forests to city scenes, birds and animals. Both serene and dramatic, her over-laying of colors creates hues appearing to glow from within. An artist from an early age, she received her first scholarship at 13. Her grandmother, a professional Finnish artist, guided the young artist, helping her learn authentic self-expression.

MaryLea Harris, with over 15 years in arts education, has degrees in studio art and art history from Sweet Briar College with emphasis in painting and printmaking. A contemporary artist, Harris’ colorful, expressionistic images of leaves and trees, outlined in creams and whites, analogize the interplay between positives and negatives in space and life. Her abstract work features brightly colored backgrounds created by layering paint and scraping it away with plastic gift cards. These cards function not only for scraping paint but as a reminder of our consumer-driven society, quick to replace nature with man-made materials. Her latest, Map Series, explores our relationships between physical place, connection, belonging, and our collective personal journeys.

Kelly Thiel, a native of southeastern states, relocated to the Pacific Northwest in 2014. Thiel brought considerable experience both as a ceramic artist and painter with awards and juried exhibitions including Shades of Clay Invitational, Kunsthuis Gallery, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom, Intersections of Gender and Place, Mississippi University for Women, American Craft Council, Atlanta, Georgia.

The artist’s work tells women’s stories as such narratives fascinate her – stories of our lives, stories of our parents, secret/hidden stories and stories in plain view. She notes that the artwork comes from an energy, a need, a craving to “get the stories out.” Text is always present on the work, sometimes legible – sometimes not, but mandatory to complete the story told in her art. Since moving to Bend in 2014, Thiel co-founded a studio for creatives, The Wilds, shared with the other co-founders each with individual studios.


J.M. Brodrick
JM’s family includes husband, Tom, and son who lives in lives in London, U.K.)
“I am an artist obsessed with painting and listening to German opera. My husband and friends have to drag me out of my studio or I’d be in there all the time. My favorite go to clothes are leggings and zip up tops, eventually all my clothes get paint in them. I usually shop online, but have recently been exploring the shops in Downtown Bend. I love painting, listening to opera and traveling with my husband to visit our son. T he best thing about fashion in Bend is that there are no formal rules about putting yourself together. Worst thing? Women dress great, but their men need to step up their game!


MaryLea Harrismarylea
MaryLea’s family includes husband Geoff and two daughters, Emma (14) and Claire (10).

“I’m a stay at home full time artist mom. I get inspiration from nature and color and I’m passionate about art education and rescuing animals. My favorite go to clothes are jeans and Converse, Organic (local) 541 cotton t-shirts, fleece tights and snow boots in the winter. And, my Nashelle statement necklace for First Friday art show openings. To shop in Bend, I visit the Old Mill Gap for jeans and sweaters and REI for outerwear. I love the local boutique shops like Vanilla Urban Threads and Faveur for cute trendy tops. Nashelle for cute jewelry.

I buy a lot of artsy silkscreened sweatshirts and tees from small shops on Etsy.
My best friend in Virginia knits me gorgeous hats and fingerless gloves that are a year-round staple here. The best thing about fashion in Bend is there’s a lot less pressure than my Washington DC roots. The laid back, relaxed style here fits my lifestyle and personality. I’m happy to be able to wear jeans with cute boots most places in town for date night. Fun to finally live in a place where bundling up in hats and puffy coats is the social norm. ”

What makes you happiest? “Does living in Bend count? Best decision we ever made was to move our family here. Hiking and camping around Oregon with my family. I recharge by reading books, crafting with my girls, gardening in my little backyard oasis and First Friday date nights with my cute husband.

kellyKelly Thiel
Kelly’s family  includes husband, Charlie Thiel (who is also my best friend!), two amazing daughters and two funny dogs.
” I am a sculptor and a painter and I go a little crazy if I don’t get time to create regularly.  But other favorite things to do are quietly hiking in the woods with my dogs to recharge, snowboarding and camping with my family, and enjoying down time with the good coffee, beer and wine that Bend has to offer.

Favorite go to clothes?  I’m definitely a jeans girl, since I work in a creative space, slinging paint and clay all day.  But I also like to get dressed up in a dress and boots. I shop both in Bend and online – in Bend, I found some AMAZING boots (on sale!) and tights and scarves at Faveur and I’ve found a few good pieces at threebirdnest.com too.  One thing I love about fashion in Bend is the layering.  And the boots.  I sort of have a boots fetish. Summer boots, winter boots- love them.  The only boots I do get tired of wearing are my snow boots, as I shovel the driveway each winter.

What makes you happiest? Without a doubt, my family makes me the happiest.  Then art.  Then our amazing landscape in Oregon always inspires me, and makes me happy and calm at my core.

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