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For Anne Scott, purchasing a little fabric bag in New York would change her life. The bag made her feel unique and special because she was the only one living in such a big city with that particular bag.

The result was a desire to design and sew her own bags so that others could get the same feeling, and Mari Lassa was born.

“My vision is to create something to make someone feel special and distinctive in this global world. I want to design and make bags that are functional, have simple lines and a raw beauty to them. I want to be inspired and be inspirational. I want to follow my dreams,” Scott said.

Scott is an accomplished dentist and has been practicing for over 15 years. She was in New York doing her residency when she purchased that original bag. Having such a science-based background and career she finds that designing and creating bags offers a way to express herself artistically.

Creating a bag that is unique and has character is one of the most important and rewarding aspects for Scott. She wants the woman who ends up wearing the bag to feel just as unique and special as the bag she is wearing and wants the bag to be an expression of the woman wearing it.

“I create bags with varying designs, leathers, textures and color combinations so women can look at a bag and feel as if it speaks to them and is meant just for them, something that is true to her personality,” Scott said.

Scott and her one employee, Lily Whitmore, work together to sew the bags at her studio in Bend. Whitmore is a talented seamstress and problem solver who assists with the design and assembly of the bags.

“My bags are made lovingly with lots of thought. Each has a story about how the leathers were selected and designed. Because each bag is made by hand in my studio no two bags are exactly alike,” Scott said.

Mari Lassa bags feature clean lines and are timeless in design. The bags have edginess in the raw seams, textures and colors of the leathers that Scott works with. She combines hair on hide, embossed leathers, distressed leathers and distinctive colors to create one-of-a-kind bags.

“I use combinations of materials that are carefully selected and paired to get to give each bag its own character. Bags that are made with the same leathers can still look very different due to the great variation of the hides as well as the differences in the hardware used,” Scott said.

Mari Lassa bags are made from hand-selected materials sourced from all over the country and internationally. Scott also uses a local supplier from Bend called Maverick Leather Company.

“I draw creative inspiration from my surroundings. I enjoy photography, which gives me the opportunity to see different perspectives, angles and lines which is very inspirational when designing. I also like to listen to women’s needs and adjust my designs to be perfectly functional,” Scott said.
Mari Lassa bags are available locally in Bend at Lulu’s Boutique, The Workhouse and

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