On Location at Lulu’s Boutique


(Photography by Maria Bay of CasaBay Photography)

Lulu’s Boutique is a small boutique on Minnesota Avenue in Bend in one of the historic buildings from the 1920s. Beautiful brick walls,  hardwood floors and eclectic interior design help make Lulu’s Boutique visually pleasing to the eye and act as a great backdrop to the fabulous mix of clothes you will find there.

Owner Patti Orsatti has an eye for what people like and is truly passionate about bringing great style and reasonably priced fashion to Bend.

Lulus Boutique, 150 NW Minnesota Ave., Bend downtown, 541-617-8948, www.luluvine.com

CasaBay_Photo_BFQ_Lulu's_01Model/Local Designer Ann Scott
Ann, local designer of Mari Lassa leather bags and a dentist, loves the beauty of the outdoors and the great community here in Bend.  “I’m passionate about creating, designing, photography, hanging  with my two amazing kids and introducing them to all the fun outdoor sports Bend has to offer. As far as style I love casual, simple looks.  Right now my go to outfit is worn, frayed denim with a chambray shirt or pinstripe button down and running shoes.  Lulus is always one of my favorite shopping spots as well as North Soles of Bend and Vanilla in the Old Mill.  Online I’m into Pixie Mart and following Marlien Rentmeester’s fashion blog LeCatch.  Bend’s fashion is fun because anything goes.   I love mixing casual and dressy and Bend is the perfect place to do just that, like a classic, luxe blazer paired with tennis shoes or ripped jeans and a worn tee paired with high heels!”

Jewelry designer, Leah Cassidy, calls her jewelry line is called Gabrielle Chic named after her daughter. “It started with my passion for vintage jewelry and a desire to make things have an up to date look. I’m always scouring antique stores for interesting items to rework. I might see an old shoe buckle and decide it would make a cool necklace.”

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