Oregrown Grows a Lifestyle Brand Beyond Cannabis


(Photography by Nate Wyeth, William Taylor & Alyssa McMurty on location at Smith Rock)

Christina Hadar says she saw Oregrown’s potential as a lifestyle brand before the craft cannabis company she cofounded with friends in 2013 had harvested its first crop or opened the doors of its flagship dispensary in downtown Bend.

“We put up an online store with a selection of Oregrown branded tee shirts and hoodies, and almost overnight, we were seeing orders not just from Oregon but from across the country and even around the world,” Hadar says. “I knew right away we had tapped into something that resonated for people.”

















In 2017, Oregrown is launching an ambitious four-season sponsorship program to embrace, support and promote local athletes. To complement this initiative, Hadar is building collaborative relationships with outdoor apparel companies like Central Oregon’s Black Strap and New Growth Clothing, with whom Oregrown will develop a line of technical gear.

All of this, says Hadar, is a natural extension of the Oregrown brand which is deeply connected to Central Oregon’s landscape, it’s people and way of life.

“Our customers, whether or not they consume cannabis, are active and motivated,” Hadar says. “They are out there snowboarding, surfing, skiing, climbing, hiking, and mountain biking with their friends. They are creative and curious about the world. Oregrown is an authentic and compelling expression of our values as people and as a company.”


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