Wearable Art: Baki Clothing

wearable art - baki clothing

(Photos provided by Peter Axelsen & Baki Clothing)

baki and mara
Baki & Mara in Sumba

Baki Lifestyle Apparel founder Peter Axelsen describes his brand of clothing as “rooted in being unique, individual, going against the grain, not corporate, connected to earth, true, respectful of nature, preserving culture and respecting each other.”

“We are infused with elements of nature like wind, fire, water, earth and lifestyle elements like travel, surfing, farming, history, native indigenous and tribal cultures,” Axelsen said.

Baki Lifestyle Apparel strives to impact the world by having a positive footprint in the production of their clothing. They created an exclusive blend of Bamboo that is ideal for their printing and production needs and is made using one of the most sustainable plants in the world.

“I am using bamboo because I love the plant. It’s not some sort of eco-friendly corporate marketing agenda. I truly love its functional nature. We use bamboo because it is unique, connected to the earth, true, and represents nature as a textile,” Axelsen said.

The bamboo fabric used in their t-shirts and other garments is breathable and soft. It doesn’t hold moisture and is comfortable on the skin.

When Axelsen isn’t designing and working on clothing production projects he is involved in several humanitarian efforts. The Yasuka Sumba Program is focused on improving education, water resources and sustainability in Northwest Sumba.

“The vision we share is to use the clothing brand and the skills of business and marketing to help create a better life for those less fortunate. Sumba is the focal point of these projects as there is tremendous need for education, business development skills, health and sanitation,” Axelsen said.

Every purchase of Baki Clothing includes a donation to a humanitarian project.


Bakionly uses ethical practices in their small home-based workshop. By creating their clothing in a happy and productive environment the fabric transfers a positive energy to the person who will wear the clothing.

“We are an ethical brand. We believe in creating the clothing in a good positive environment so our staff is paid well above average salaries and we work in a family like atmosphere,” Axelsen said.

The designs and vivid colors on Baki Clothing can truly be considered wearable pieces of art from the use of bamboo to the unique designs on the clothing.

“There is certainly some sort of indigenous spirit that runs through me and appears in my design. Sumba really gave me a whole new level of inspiration that extended far beyond the realm of graphic design or screen-printing. My designs are inspired by this culture. It has become part of me and it comes out in my artwork,” Axelsen said.

The designs all begin with Axelsen’s creative inspiration as he develops the art that appears on the clothing.

“The elements that come out in the designs are crafted around my favorite things: animals, travel, earth, lifestyle, and culture. I guess everything is in some way representing an experience that has happened,” Axelsen said.

The fabrics used in Baki Clothing are all sourced mostly from Indonesia and include special hand woven fabrics previously used in ceremonies, their signature bamboo blend and hand-selected fabrics from local markets.

Baki clothing can be found locally at Cosa Cura in Bend at 910 NW Harriman St. and www.bakiclothing.com

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