Kemple Clinic: Brighter Smiles Mean Smiles All Around

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Professional Whitening Services That Benefit Central Oregon Kids

Nothing replaces the impression left by a dazzling smile. Every outfit, selfie and flirtatious look is improved by bright white teeth. If you’re ready to smile brightly for an upcoming event, or just interested in improving your first impression, you can smile even more brightly if you’re part of the Brighter Smiles campaign.

For over ten years, the annual Brighter Smiles Campaign has been a successful fundraiser for Kemple Children’s Dental Clinic, a Bend-based non-profit serving children throughout Central Oregon whose dental health is at risk.

The arrangement participating dental offices offer during the campaign is terrific: May 1 through June 30, participants pay just $200 for professional teeth whitening (that’s 50 percent off).

All proceeds go to Kemple Clinic to help meet the oral health needs of Central Oregon Kids.

Suzanne Browning, Kemple Clinic’s executive director, says “Through the Brighter Smiles Campaign patients can receive the professional whitening services they want, delivered by their dentist’s office. In doing so, they are providing valuable support to kids in our community who might not otherwise get the dental care they desperately need. At the end of the day, everyone has something to smile about.”

Kemple Clinic has a wide network of local dentists and dental offices supporting their critical mission of protecting the teeth of kids in Central Oregon through their in-school screenings, prevention education and their free dental clinic services. Browning explains that Oregon children have some of the worst oral health issues in the nation. In fact, state educators estimate that 5,000 students each day suffer from dental pain or infection.

“That makes it difficult for these children to focus on their studies and it also results in increased absenteeism,” notes Browning.

The Brighter Smiles Campaign raised over $30,000 for Kemple Clinic last year and another successful year will ensure Central Oregon children get the dental care they need so they can be healthy, productive and happy.

For a current listing of participating dentists in this year’s Brighter Smiles campaign, visit

If you don’t see your dental offices on the list, contact your dentist and encourage them to join in the campaign so they can be a part of smiling bright and beautiful for local kids!

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