The Fabulous Fall at desperado

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Fall fashion will be FABULOUS!” says BFQ contributing fashion guru Joanne Sunnarborg, owner and proprietor of desperado and its sister store, shoes &… located in Bend’s Old Mill District.
“We’re really excited about this season’s trends. Colors will be rich and vibrant. Red, chocolate brown (is the new black), olive greens and jewel tones will be seen in many of our fashion lines this fall,” says Sunnarborg.
“It’s all about Americana this season. Don’t be afraid to pull out your vintage jacket or old pair of boots. We’re seeing designers coming up with cowboy-inspired looks like leather vests, cowhide prints and kitschy cacti,” Sunnarborg says with a smile because anyone who knows Joanne knows her passion for Americana inspired clothing and accessories.
Fall fashion shows have been packed with big floral prints, stunning embroidery and lots of fur, velvet and suede! Here in Central Oregon Sunnarborg says we can achieve a fashion forward look by adding a few key pieces to our wardrobe.

“We don’t always have occasions to wear a velvet gown, but you can still get a fabulous new fall look by adding a velvet jacket or blouse, suede handbag or floral print scarf to your outfit.”
She adds, “Think basic and then accessorize with something fun like a pop of jewel toned color from a hat or handbag, or a wide belt and great pair of boots — even if those boots come from the back of your closet.”
In the Old Mill District, 541-749-9980 or 800-380-3994, 330 SW Powerhouse Dr., c120, open 7 days a week: M-Sat 10am-8pm, Sun 11am-6pm,

Embroidered Denim by Driftwood, Top by Baci, Embroidered Hoodie by Johnny Was, Cuffs and Earrings by Two Bandits, Necklace by Ayala Bar, Belt by Leatherock
Printed Dress by Viereck, Vintage Turquoise Bangle and Cuff

Janel Chapman
Janel, who moved to Bend in 1995, was born on the Shaw Air Force Base in South Caroline. Her family is from North Carolina and all still live in the south. She now works for AT&T.
“I moved here (like the majority of newcomers) because I love to ski, ride bikes, fish, hike. I love my dog, Penny.
“My favorite go-to clothes are a nice fitting pair of jeans, comfy top and great boots (or depending on the weather, ski pants and ski boots).
“When I shop, I’m most likely to go to desperado and REI. One of my favorite things to do is get with my bestie at the end of a long week, hit happy hour then head to desperado to do a little shopping. The best thing I like about local fashion here is the variety….and that you can wear jeans to any restaurant in town.
I’m happiest making turns on the hill with my friends, a powder day here and there doesn’t hurt.

Printed Dress by Viereck, Fleece Hoodie by Johnny Was, Booties by Liberty Black, Necklace by The Two Bandits, Earrings by SaraJ

Dove Gibson
Dove, a seeker of great fly fishing all over the word, is employed at the Bend-based canine gear company, Ruffwear.
Dover is passionate about fly fishing and the water that comes with it. Her favorite go-to clothes, go figure, are waders! She also covets Johnny Was and jeans.
She loves the experience of shopping at desperado and finds that Patagonia clothing fits her lifestyle.
She is happiest making great connections to people, water and the little details of life.

On Janel: Embroidered Denim by Driftwood Top by Baci, Embroidered Hoodie by Johnny Was, Cuffs and Earrings by The Two Bandits, Necklace by Ayla Bar, Belt by Leatherock On Dove: Denim By Liverpool, Top and Velvet Bomber by Johnny Was, Cuff by Two Bandits


On Janel: Ladder Sleeve Top by Last Tango, Embroidered Denim Flares by driftwood, Clogs by Mia, Earrings by Double D Ranchwear, Vintage Turquoise Cuff On Dove: Fringe Tunic by Tasha Polizzi, Necklace by Double D Ranchwear, Festival Hat by Charlie 1 Horse, Denim by Liverpool

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